Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy Birthday My Love

6th October
Sweet 28, babe....Love you yea...
I designed this card using PrintArtist2003 for him. This view for front & back page only.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Shocked! Next sem teaching load (ATA)

I was very surprised when I saw ATA for the next sem. I have to teach ELE361, Digital electronics for electronics students. It is a major subject for electronics and I don't qualify to teach a major subject for electronics. I can teach general subject for electrical engineering,  but not the major subject for electronics and instrumentation. It is not my field. In computer engineering, I am also not qualified to teach networking subject (CISCO). Honestly, I am not interesting. I prefer digital design and microprocessor. 

The contents of ELE361 :
  • Intro. to the IC technology
  • Bipolar transistor as a switch 
  • Logic gates characteristics and parameters
  • Datasheet representation
  • TTL ICs
  • CMOS ICs
  • TTL-CMOS interfacing
  • Schmitt Trigger ICs
  • Transmission line behavior
Honestly, these are not my familiar topic and I never learnt about them in details as their syllabus.  I exchanged with Siti Aishah because she is in electronics field. I take her one group of Linear subject (ESE242). Then, I exchange with Baiti to take Digital system 2 (ECE361). 

Program Perkongsian Maklumat bagi subjek2 yg mempunyai peratusan kegagalan tinggi

29-30th Sept 2010
Guest from UiTM Shah Alam : En Mahmud Ibrahim, Cik Rafidah Rosman (Fid, my x-classmate in UTM Skudai) and Cik Yusnira Husaini (K. Yus, x-facultymate UiTM Dungun)
The common subjects for highest failure rate are Theory Circuit 1 and 2, and Electronics.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

How to use MiniIDE and SIMHC12?

It's simply used by 'help' menu.These steps here are only for simulations.

You have to read my module before you proceed to the next steps.


1.   Open MGTEK MiniIDE. Click on 'File' and 'New'.Write your program with assembly language here. You must start with tab once. Your program should begin with 'org' which is the locations of your instructions will be stored.

 2.     After finished typing your program, save your file with extension of *.asm.

3. Go to menu ‘Build’-click on ‘Set Project File’.

 4. Again, ‘Build’ menu and click ‘Build’ the file.

This 'Build' is actually an assembler. It will automatically generate list file and machine language with *.lst file and *.s19 file correspondingly. You can see the file it is generated inside the file you save your program.

Click on file with extension of *.lst and *.s19 file. s19 file is a machine code that is already translated by the assembler.

********************************lst file********************************************
:\ECE 365 microprocessor systems\NEW\microC\SIMULATOR\SIMULATOR\ex1.lst - generated by MGTEK Assembler ASM12 V1.26 Build 144 for WIN32 (x86) - Tue Aug 03 18:10:35 2010

    1:          =0000800            ORG $800
    2:     800 CC 983E            LDD #$983E      ;  load accumulator d with 16bit data  (D <= 983EH)
    3:     803 02                       INY                    ;  increase index register y (Y <= Y + 1)
    4:                                         END


########################s19 file#################################



Assume this simulator as CPU12 complete with memory space. You have to load the machine language file because CPU can only understand the machine code, not the assembly language or else.

1. Load your machine file (*.s19) to this simulator with choose File menu and click on Load. 

2. Observe that the machine language is already in the memory.

3. Set your PC to the location where your program is stored. In this case, your program is starting at address $800.

4. Use step to observe the result of the instruction step-by-step.

First 'step execute' means that the first instruction is executed. First instruction is LDD #$983E; the data $983E is loaded into double accumulator D. PC is pointed to the next instruction that is INY.

After click on 'step' again, we realise that the index register y increase to 1 from 0 value.

Wish you all the best.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Data Transfer and Manipulation Instructions

Here are the summary of Data Transfer and Manipulation Instructions.

There's a correction here. After execution of  the instruction SEX B,Y, B supposed to be $F8 (maintain) and Y are $FFF8.

There's a correction on the instruction movw 0,x,0,y. It supposed to be movb 0,x,0,y.

Instruction Sets of 6812

68HC12 has more than1000 instructions. They are grouped into a few functional categories as following :
1)    Data Transfer and Manipulation Instructions —instructions which move and manipulate data :
                                                      i.        Load and Store — load copy of memory contents into a register; store copy of register contents into memory.
                                                     ii.        Transfer —copy contents of one register to another.
                                                    iii.        Exchange— exchange contents of two registers.
                                                   iv.        Move — copy contents of one memory location to another.
2)    Arithmetic Instructions—addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
3)    Logic and Bit Instructions —perform logical operations
4)    Data test instructions — test contents of a register or memory (to see if zero, negative, etc.), or compare contents of a register to memory (to see if bigger than, etc.)
5)    Jump and Branch Instructions—Change flow of program (e.g., goto, if-then-else, switch-case)
6)    Function Call and Interrupt Instructions— initiate or terminate a subroutine; initiate or terminate and interrupt call
7)    Stacking Instructions — push data onto and pull data off of stack
8)    Stop and Wait Instructions — put HC12 into low power mode
9)    BCD arithmetic, fuzzy logic, minimum and maximum, multiply-accumulate, table interpolation

Addressing Modes of 6812

I already uploaded notes about Addressing Modes of 68HC12 via iLearn portal more than a week ago. The students can easily access the notes. However, why they still don't have this notes? It is really make me very upset. Everything is on fingertips today, just + internet access. Here, we don't have any problem to access to the internet today because of the networking is already improved and served better in term of speed especially. Thank's to USMB UiTM Dungun. I also uploaded all notes in Yahoo Group of ECE365. No problem to access today. When I remind back during my era around 1999 to 2003, there's no internet access provided as today, no e-learning system and no notes given by the lecturer. With my efforts, I asked the senior for the notes and photocopy everything belong to them. I got the notes before the semester began. See, the different environment of studying today and 5 years ago!

What I want to write here, is not a mumbling state as above. I want to share how do you wanna be a master in Addressing Modes of 6812? I give you some tips as following :
  1. You should have my notes and Appendix A from iLearn or Yahoo Group (Class ECE365).
  2. In your mind, you should remember the architecture of CPU Registers of 6812 and Memory. 
  3. You should understand how to use Appendix A.
  4. You should try to understand the Addressing Modes as below.
Table 1.0 Summary of Addressing Mode

From Table 1.0 above, you know how many types of addressing modes in 6812 and how to write a proper instruction. Do you know what the instruction all about? Easily refer to Appendix A and my hand notes.

The execution is only inside the CPU.
Syntax : Instruction
eg. NOP ; no operation
      INX ; X <= X+1
      INY ; Y <=Y+1
      DECA; A <= A-1
      DECB; B <= B-1

To load immediate value with #
Syntax : Instruction #8-bit/16-bit data
eg. LDAA #35 ; A <=35
     LDAB #%10000101; B <=87H

To access memory $0000-$00FF
Syntax : Instruction 8-bit address
eg. LDAA $20; A <=($20)
      LDAB $3A ; B <= ($3A)

To access memory >$00FF
Syntax : Instruction 16-bit address
eg. LDAA $0105; A <= ($0105)
     LDAB $10FF ; B <= ($10FF)

IDX (5-bit constant offset => -16 to 15)  -2^5 to (2^5 -1)
Syntax : Instruction 5-bit signed offset, X/Y/SP/PC
eg. LDAB 15,Y ; B <= (Y+15)
     STAA -8,X ; (X-8) <=A

IDX1 (9-bit constant offset => -256 to 255) -2^8 to (2^8-1)
Syntax : Instruction 9-bit signed offset, X/Y/SP/PC
eg. LDAB 100,Y ; B <= (Y+100)
     STAA -200,X ; (X-200) <= A

IDX2 (16-bit constant offset => -32,758 to 32,757) -2^15 to (2^15-1)
Syntax : Instruction 16-bit signed offset, X/Y/SP/PC
eg. LDAB 1000,Y; B <= (Y+1000)
     STAA -2000,X ; (X-1000) <= A

[IDX2] 16-bit constant indirect=> -32,758 to 32,757) -2^15 to (2^15-1)
Syntax : Instruction 16-bit signed offset, X/Y/SP/PC
eg. LDAB [100,Y] ; B <= [Y+100]
     STAA [-20,X] ; [X-20] <= A

Accumulator Offset (IDX) => A, B & D
Syntax : Instruction A/B/D,X/Y/SP/PC
eg. LDAB A,Y ; B <= (A+Y)
     STAA B,X ; (B+X) <= A

Pre/Post-Increment/Decrement  (IDX) => 1 to 8
Syntax : Instruction 3bit,X/Y/SP

Pre Decrement
eg. LDAA 2,-SP ; A <= (SP-2), SP <= SP-2

eg. LDAA 2,SP- ; A <= (SP), SP <=SP-2

eg. LDAA, 2,+SP ; A <= (SP+2), SP <=SP+2

eg. LDAA 2,SP+ ; A <= (SP), SP <= SP+2

REL and [D,IDX2] - discussed later when you understand the program loops and subroutines

Monday, August 2, 2010

CPU12 Registers and Memory organization

Before we proceed to learn about the 6812, what should you know is....

CPU Features :
16-bit Data Bus
16-bit Address Bus

Figure 1.0 The architecture of CPU12 and its memory organisation

****************  Following part is not included in CPU12 syllabus*************************

****************  Following part is not included in CPU12 syllabus*************************

This is computer architecture subject.

2-way set-associative cache memory
Firstly, you can choose how many way of set-associative mapping for instance, 2-way set-associative cache. If you have 16KB cache, it means that you have double size of main memory that is 32KB. If you select the 16-bit data bus width, it is equal to 2-byte lines of cache and if your cache memory is memory byte-addressable, thus you’ll get w=1 bit byte offset in line (2W=2 byte lines of cache). Then, you’ll get 13-bit (L) set index in cache. If the memory address size is 32-bit, then you’ll get the 18-bit (Tag) line tag. Refer to the calculation and illustration below so that you can more understand.

32KB main memory = 215 x 8 bits = 2n x 16 bits
2n = (215 x 8) / 16 = 16 384 = 214

16KB cache = 214 x 8 bits = 2L x 16 bits
2L = (214 x 8 bits) / 16 bits = 8192 = 213

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Short course at Hotel Grand Continental Kuala Terengganu

Date : 7th June 2010
Course : Effective Writing and Publishing

Date : 8th - 9th June 2010
Course : Developing a Quality Research Portfolio

Venue : Hotel Grand Continental Kuala Terengganu
Speaker : Prof Daniel Samson (Melbourne University)
Sponsored by AKEPT, Higher Education Leadership Academy

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bengkel Asas Pertolongan Cemas

Date : 25th May 2010
Venue : DKA (Dewan Kuliah Anggerik)
Time : 9am - 5pm
Speaker : Dr Yusry
Following pictures are the activities during the session.

Morning session : Talk by Dr Yusry

Evening session : Practical of First Aid
It's not easy to blow your breath for the 'dead body'. More than 5 times I blow, the 'dead body' did not respond.
How to save your baby from choking?

How to lift the patient?

How to wrap the bandage?

My hand had been wrapped with a bandage by Shiela.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The integration of Word and EndNoteX3

Since completed Prof KJ workshop, I tried to fix my Word 2007 to integrate with EndNote X3. The trial version of EndNote X3 is already expired. For preparing the completed journal using APA style, I prefer to use EndNote rather than manually key in the references. Alhamdulillah, finally at 5.20pm today I found the problem and I can use Word with integrating the full version of EndNote. What a relieved!

I am not a Computer Science (CS) people, but I love to try. It sounds alike as computer engineering, but honestly in Malaysia computer engineering is more on the hardware even though still needs a programming. Furthermore, my beloved field in computer engineering that is RTL design, necessitate to have in depth of knowledge in hardware level, before proceed to programming. Actually what we do is a hardware programming such as FPGA, microcontroller, microprocessor and others. 

Back to EndNote...After installing EndNote, the Word should be automatically integrated with EndNote. However, there was no menu for the EndNote! How can I use EndNote for my references? Then, what I did was so called 'troubleshoot'. Hahahaha....

  1. I tried to uninstall EndNote using Control Panel, but fail to integrate with Word after reinstalled.
  2. I tried to delete all EndNote folder manually and uninstall using Control Panel,but still fail after reinstalled.
  3. I tried to reinstall EndNote and restart my laptop, but fail again after reinstalled.
  4. I tried to restart Word after reinstall, but fail.
  5. I tried to copy folder Program Files/EndNote inside K Has's laptop and pasted to my program files,but still fail to copy the overall.

The successful method is shown in Figure below:
Figure 1 Click on the icon and choose 'More Commands'

Figure 2 The Customizes tab will automatically open. Click on 'Add-Ins' tab and the display above appears. 
Try to check at the 'Disabled Application Add-Ins' and you will see that the EndNote is disabled. The picture above is not the real display because the integration is already done.

Figure 3 Click on dropped down menu at Manage and choose 'Disable Items' and then click OK.

Figure 4 Finally you can see the EndNote menu in your Word. Then you can use it and exploit the whole of EndNote applications.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Online Q-Doc Checking for Llyold's Audit soon

Last night, Sheila and I checked all PK(O)'s documents, compared online with the latest documents, accomplished all 18 documents for PK(O). We started around 9 pm and ended at 12.15 am in my office. Sheila wanted to continue for checking Manual Kualiti but I refused because it was my first night for a long time which I had to stay awake. Then, we took a supper at Kedai Air Buah. As usual I ordered 'keropok lekor'. I like it very much. You can't find 'keropok lekor' somewhere else as good taste as Terengganu 'keropok lekor'. For the first time, I drank dragon fruit juice there. Its taste like a mixture of vanilla and strawberry. Its colour was purple. I arrived at my home around 1am. I felt very tired, chat on the phone with my love, then slept tight. However, I awaken at 545am, but then continued sleeping. I woke up at 630 am. Even I felt tired, but I came to office at 845am. Today, I continued checked the documents alone around 12pm, paused a little while for praying and attending a talk on a new regulations for students' registration next semester. I accomplished all the 18 PK(P)'s documents around 5pm. Alhamdulillah.... Yau'mee, a quality document officer sent me the latest Manual Kualiti, thus no need to check. The attachments were also not necessary to check because it's still in progress.

All the UiTM Terengganu staffs can access these documents via UiTM Terengganu officical website.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Presentation Skills Workshop for FYP2

On 28th Feb 2010, Committees of FYP2 Workshop organized a workshop for part 6 FKE Dip students. Because of I faced a problem on that day, I came 5 minutes before the workshop ended. However, this workshop is hopefully able to give benefits to students. Aziz and Ermeey as a main speaker and an invitation speaker respectively, while Ida as the head of this workshop, managed the whole workshop, assisted by Sheila, Siti and Aziz. I just attended the meeting before, however I didn't attend the latest meeting because of busy settled down the 'pelarasan' of my research financial.

During the meeting, we as a committee decided a guideline for:

Work Progress Presentation 

Slides should included the following criteria :
  • Objectives
  • Problem Statement
  • Scope of Works
  • Work Flowchart
  • Progress Result
Students suppose to bring along the Progress Report (Hard copy) for panel reference. Circuit description should be included inside the Progress Report. Students are expected to show the prove with their prototype to support their work progress. 

Work Progress Presentation information
Date : 21/3/2010, Sunday
Venue & Panels : Will be determined later
Power Point slides should be included as mentioned above.
Progress Report is your final report (but in format of progressive report).

Saturday, February 13, 2010

My ativities during mid-term break

It's time to take a rest for long days... It's a mid-term break. I went hometown on Friday, 12/2/2010 with my little brother (Yus) and my nephew (Afiq). I took them at Kuantan.

On Saturday, 13/2/2010, I just watched tv, talked idly with my parents, updated my blog and my astro account - add Mustika and Astro Box Office channel, and in the evening went to the town with my mother and my nephew, Khairil for shopping... hahaha... We went to the ("Pasar Sabtu') weekend market ("Pasar Sabtu"), Rejinah Store and Giant Segamat to buy some foods and cloth.

Since arrived at hometown, I accessed the internet via TMNet Streamyx.

On Sunday, 14/2/2010, I wish to meet my love at Malacca. However, I have to go to KL to take my niece (Idah) to bring her back home. Before going to KL, I have to send my father's car to my love for service.

My father's car was in service - I bought this car around June 2008 for my father

KLCC during Chinese New Year. How beautiful the decoration!!!

Beautiful sight of KLCC 

My plan :

On Monday, 15/2/2010, I want to bring all my nephews to go to Hutan Lipur Bekok, Segamat. Before going there, I want to clean up my parent's house.

On Tuesday, 16/2/2010, I want to tidy up my room. Then, I have to send my brother and my nephew go back to Kuantan.

On Wednesday, 17/2/2010, make a call to En Khalim, technician at FKE Lab UiTM Shah Alam to ask whether the component already bought or not. Then I have to make a preparation for my research.

On Thursday, 18/2/2010, I want to go to Shah Alam for doing an experiment for my research.

On Friday, 19/2/2010, I wish to accomplish my experiment.

On Saturday, 20/2/2010, I'll go back to Dungun. Then I have to prepare for the next class.

New Plan :

On Thursday, 18/2/2010, I have to send my brother go back to Kuantan and then back to my hometown. My twin nephew will accompany me along the journey.

On Friday, 19/2/2010, I have to go to UiTM Shah Alam as early as possible and wish to accomplish my experiment.

On Saturday, 20/2/2010, I'll go back to Dungun. Then I have to prepare for the next class.

Happened :

On Monday, 15/2/2010, I went to Gunung Ledang with my twin nephews and my neighbour's grandson and began our journey at 8.30am, took a breakfast in Segamat town at 9am, went to Ayer Keroh to bring my love together (just to make sure our safety at Gunung Ledang), however stuck in a jam about more than 1 hour 2 miles at the junction of Gunung Ledang  because of crowded with cars and people, then stuck again about 45 minutes before went back to Malacca.We took a little journey at Banda Hilir and shopping at Myden Ayer Keroh. Then, went hometown and arrived at 1am.

People were enjoying at Gunung Ledang

The Two Guardians

On Tuesday, 16/2/2010, I just clean up my parent's house : a new kitchen and a dining hall only, not the whole house because no water supply since yesterday. At 2.15pm I sent my niece to Segamat bustand, then I went to Malacca and met my love to do a service for my car, sent my car for wash, and arrived my hometown at 3am.

My mom was relaxing where the wind blew up there.
Near the sink, I bought a water filter (RM2500) in 2007 at Carrefour Batu Pahat when I won RM4k bonus (lucky draw) from Hoffman's product.

I won the RM4k bonus lucky draw at Carrefour Batu Pahat and took LCD TV for free.

My cute car in car wash (It's belonging to me since June 2008 when I transferred from UiTM Penang to UiTM Dungun) I bought in November 2007 for my father. I drove a year without license. I got P license on June 2009. Hahahaha...

On Wednesday, 17/2/2010, I slept till 12pm, took a bath and clean up the hall, then made a call to En Khalim, technician at FKE Lab UiTM Shah Alam to ask whether the component already bought or not. However, he said that Mr Uzer handled it and gave me his handphone number. I didn't call him yet. In the evening, I went to Segamat to send my little brother to the clinic to take a medicine and he got two (2) days MC. We dropped at Watson and KFC. Then we went hometown and took my father to ('Pasar Rabu') Wednesday Market at Tenang Station. I bought Shafarina's pyjama there.

My PC used in 2006 when I did my Master degree. Now, it's belonging to my niece, Idah.

On Thursday, 18/2/2010, I clean up again my parent's house include a former kitchen and my nephew's bedroom.

My nephew's bedroom (Afiq) is located outside my bedroom.

My mom was cooking in the former kitchen. The washing mashine I bought in 2007 when I worked at UTHM.

I also clean up 70% of my bedroom. All my things on the board near to my nephew's single bed, I left them without wiping out the dust. I didn't have enough time to do it. I was in hurry and necessitated to send my brother to Kuantan. Mom, sorry I didn't wash the toilet and the bathroom. Next time, I'll back again, I'll wash them.

I bought bedroom set in 2007 when I worked at UTHM.

My nephew's bed, Khairil during weekend/holidays when Idah or me is going back home.

I sent my brother at 430pm from Segamat town after fuel of full tank, arrived there around 7pm and then went to Berjaya Mega Mall for shopping and eating. Back hometown at 11pm and arrived at 1am.

I was with my nephew, Khairil and my brother who was taken this picture at Kenny Rogers Berjaya Megamall Kuantan.

On Friday, 19th February 2010, I went to UiTM Shah Alam but arrived late around 4pm. I began a journey from my hometown at 10am, took my love at Ayer Keroh, rest at Ayer Keroh R & R, and then I drove till Dengkil. Afterward, my love drove till UiTM Shah Alam. Because of components were not arriving yet, so I couldn't continue my experiment. My love then drove to Klang to repair my car's door, followed by KL and met my niece, Idah at Apartment Melor Bandar Baru Sentul. We continued our journey to go home (Dungun), rest at Gambang R & R at 12am and dropped at Kuantan at 2am to give things that my brother: Yus and my nephew : Afiq requested to bring from hometown. My love drove till Kemaman, next I drove till Dungun. We arrived around 4am.

I waited my love after finished repairing my car's door at Klang Workshop.

On Saturday, 20th February 2010 I woke up late around 10am. I was so tired and just clean up the whole house with vacuum  include my bedroom. I didn't wipe away the dust on the boards.

On Sunday, 21st Feb 2010, it's a work day after having a week holiday. My love sent me to UiTM.

Maksud Doa Dhuha

“Ya Allah bahawasanya waktu duha itu waktu duhaMu, kecantikan itu ialah kecantikanMu , keindahan itu keindahanMu, kekuatan itu kekuatanMu, kekuasaan itu kekuasaanMu dan perlindungan itu perlindunganMu. Ya Allah jika rezekiku masih di atas langit , turunkanlah dan jika ada di dalam bumi, keluarkanlah, jika sukar mudahkanlah, jika haram sucikanlah, jika masih jauh dekatkanlah. Berkat waktu duha, keagungan, keindahan, kekuatan dan kekuasaanMu, limpahkanlah kepada kami segala yang telah Engkau limpahkan kepada hamba-hambaMu yang soleh”