Thursday, March 18, 2010

Online Q-Doc Checking for Llyold's Audit soon

Last night, Sheila and I checked all PK(O)'s documents, compared online with the latest documents, accomplished all 18 documents for PK(O). We started around 9 pm and ended at 12.15 am in my office. Sheila wanted to continue for checking Manual Kualiti but I refused because it was my first night for a long time which I had to stay awake. Then, we took a supper at Kedai Air Buah. As usual I ordered 'keropok lekor'. I like it very much. You can't find 'keropok lekor' somewhere else as good taste as Terengganu 'keropok lekor'. For the first time, I drank dragon fruit juice there. Its taste like a mixture of vanilla and strawberry. Its colour was purple. I arrived at my home around 1am. I felt very tired, chat on the phone with my love, then slept tight. However, I awaken at 545am, but then continued sleeping. I woke up at 630 am. Even I felt tired, but I came to office at 845am. Today, I continued checked the documents alone around 12pm, paused a little while for praying and attending a talk on a new regulations for students' registration next semester. I accomplished all the 18 PK(P)'s documents around 5pm. Alhamdulillah.... Yau'mee, a quality document officer sent me the latest Manual Kualiti, thus no need to check. The attachments were also not necessary to check because it's still in progress.

All the UiTM Terengganu staffs can access these documents via UiTM Terengganu officical website.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Presentation Skills Workshop for FYP2

On 28th Feb 2010, Committees of FYP2 Workshop organized a workshop for part 6 FKE Dip students. Because of I faced a problem on that day, I came 5 minutes before the workshop ended. However, this workshop is hopefully able to give benefits to students. Aziz and Ermeey as a main speaker and an invitation speaker respectively, while Ida as the head of this workshop, managed the whole workshop, assisted by Sheila, Siti and Aziz. I just attended the meeting before, however I didn't attend the latest meeting because of busy settled down the 'pelarasan' of my research financial.

During the meeting, we as a committee decided a guideline for:

Work Progress Presentation 

Slides should included the following criteria :
  • Objectives
  • Problem Statement
  • Scope of Works
  • Work Flowchart
  • Progress Result
Students suppose to bring along the Progress Report (Hard copy) for panel reference. Circuit description should be included inside the Progress Report. Students are expected to show the prove with their prototype to support their work progress. 

Work Progress Presentation information
Date : 21/3/2010, Sunday
Venue & Panels : Will be determined later
Power Point slides should be included as mentioned above.
Progress Report is your final report (but in format of progressive report).

Maksud Doa Dhuha

“Ya Allah bahawasanya waktu duha itu waktu duhaMu, kecantikan itu ialah kecantikanMu , keindahan itu keindahanMu, kekuatan itu kekuatanMu, kekuasaan itu kekuasaanMu dan perlindungan itu perlindunganMu. Ya Allah jika rezekiku masih di atas langit , turunkanlah dan jika ada di dalam bumi, keluarkanlah, jika sukar mudahkanlah, jika haram sucikanlah, jika masih jauh dekatkanlah. Berkat waktu duha, keagungan, keindahan, kekuatan dan kekuasaanMu, limpahkanlah kepada kami segala yang telah Engkau limpahkan kepada hamba-hambaMu yang soleh”